Another Cold?

Hi folks,

It's been a few daze and I've been busy with all sorts of things. I was out of town with two of my girlfriends this weekend at a conference, and no, it was not the adult vid awards show / conference or whatever in Las Vegas this past weekend! I heard about that via ET tonight or something and thought, boy if i'm too discreet about where I was in my blog, I hope ppl know me well enough to know that's not my kind of weekend. Even tho i'm sure it was fun in Las Vegas this weekend. But with this belly, I'd most probably scare the movie stars.

No friends, I was at a spiritual retreat laughing (and crying) at the horrors of events that have happened in peoples' lives and how they turned their lives around. Pretty cool stuff. Better and more dramatic than any soap I know! Homeless people, bi-polar people who are now heads of companies or stars in their own right. Interesting.

So now it's Monday, and I'm on my lunch hour realizing that this little frog in my throat is most probably a cold coming on. Since I've been pregnant, this is my 3rd cold. I've taken all sorts of vitamins from day one (for the most part) and have even invested in a few fad vitamins (Omega 3 oils) but I just cannot keep the cold virus away! This is really the pits! I just want to go to bed! In fact, I think I will! Maybe I'll head home after this.

Nothing new has happened with the pregnancy in the past few days. Peanut is moving quite a bit still, kicking and such and I think now I can discern the difference between his bootie and his feet. He's been head-down for a long while now. Funny how they grow that way. I sit sometimes and watch my belly get pummeled from the inside out. It truly looks like there's a little alien in my belly, trapped. Very strange, weird happenings. I talk to him, but I feel kind of strange doing so. Matt likes to tap at his feet and get kicked back. He laughs and thinks it's funny and it is cute in a weird sort of way except that my ribs get charged and my side starts to hurt. So, at my body's expense, I just let it go and let the two of them bond. And when Matt comes around anyway, Peanut just quiets down (except for the kicking back game) and that's fine w/me.

Ok, lunch time is over and I think I'm going to head home and go to bed now.