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my crawling, tooth-bearing, girl-chasing, assisted-walking, laughing, smiling son

Barking Seal (aka Croup)

He likes it! Hey Oliver part two

He likes it! Hey Oliver!

Mom guilt

He's not so sweet anymore

Oliver is 6 months old!

Oliver's new high chair

Oliver's first bites of solids!

Day care is better

Follow up to the letter to Oliver's daycare

Milk update

Zoorific and Pizza for breakfast

The Petit Appetit

We all made it thru the weekend

Genuine Baby

Milk update

Childcare update

H.O.G. Baby

Day 2 at day care was much better

Niagra Falls

the most depressing day....

My bathroom is clean!


It's been a while!

Twins (kind of sort of)

door county weekend # 6

Oliver's big toe - holdin' on

Fingers, YUM!

Oliver giggles

He's still breathing

My little cabanna boy

Babies cost a LOT!

Life with baby is pretty easy

Happy Father's Day Matt!

I straightened my hair today! Woo Hoo!

Sleeping baby

Back to work soon

Lunch time fun

Oliver pic in B&W

My latest favo oliver pix

Milestone - Oliver is a new size

I ate better when I was pregnant

Mothers Day

Someone to watch over me

Lullabies = a mellow Oliver

Work visit