My first post

Ok, I'm 29 weeks pregnant, and that puts me at about 6+ months. I have the day off work--in fact, I'm off work until Januray 2nd, 2008. My due date is March 10th, 2008. We are expecting a boy and I can't tell you right now what his name will be. I'm 43 years old, married to Matt and he's 35. This will be our first child. We've been married for 8 years. We could never decide when the right time was to bring an addition into our 2-some, but this year I realized time was running out. Matt was perfectly happy going on without having to be a daddy, but I knew I would be missing something great if we didn't at least try. So last June we did the deed, and on the first (or second) try it worked! Junior, or Peanut as Matt likes to call him was like, "It's about flippin' time!!" and wasted no time developing his little embryo-self into what is now a 2.5 lb, 15" little guy in my belly. He kicks constantly, mainly when no one is around so that I can't confirm to anyone but the cats or myself that he's pretty alive and active.

It's post-holiday, and today is the first day i am home alone, without company (or being someone's guest) and it's nice. I have absolutely no energy to do much. I'm on my 3rd old movie. (Oh no, here comes hubby and I hope he wont be too disappointed that I didn't do much other than spend over $100 at the grocery store because I was so flippin' hungry when I entered it!).... OK, better go and I'll write more later!