Day Two of My Winter Vacation

I'm just waking up at 9am! It's pretty nice to sleep in, altho I dreamt I was at work anyway, so it wasn't that peaceful of a sleep. Today I'm heading out to have lunch w/2 of my buddies and I get to buy some really really overpriced shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair look really really healthy and really really great. It's snowing already, and the weather report says we're due for 6 inches by nightfall. I need new tires for my car so I guess today is not the day to be playing speed racer on the roads. Being prego has changed a few things for me. I don't want our son to have only one parent (a recurring fear) so I feel a little guilty now when I race thru intersections, stop signs, chat on my cell and the like. I have earned several racer nick names over the years by no accident (nor no pun intended) and my free spirit is slowly starting to mature w/o my consent really. It's OK. It just means I have to leave a little earlier so that slow drivers and red lights wont bother me so much. That and say some prayers. And drink my morning coffee. (More on the coffee later...)