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My Two Dads

About two weeks ago my dad fell in his garage. It’s more of a workshop than a garage, and he spends quite a bit of time out there. He’s 91. Retired. Active. Still driving. Has a girlfriend who is 97. Yup, you read that right — a sweetheart who is 97, and together, the two of them see each other almost every day.

Each day my dad gets up, drives about 2 miles down the road to Burger King. There, he gets his coffee. When he's done, he refills his cup with decaf, and heads over to his sweetheart's house, Dotti. Every morning he brings her coffee.

He's been doing this for so many years that finally Burger King has stopped charging him for his coffee(s). He walks in and sits down. The ladies get the coffees with exactly the right about of cream and sugar and deliver them to his table.

He makes no mess. He drinks his coffee and then brings one to Dotti's house. Every. Single. Day.

The girls (women) at Burger King love him and listen to him tell his stories. They really like h…

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