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All My Ex's Live in Shorewood

Strange days, this is for sure. Yes, a couple ex's moved here, of all places. I don't own the town, but I wish I did because I would not have let 'em in. ;)  Moving on here... time for an update. My last post was a bit of a trip back to memory lane in terms of one of those ex's (which I can happily report does not live in Shorewood). When money becomes an issue — a really big issue, such as faced with limited choices involving losing your home, apartment, car, or more — it can color your entire world in shades of black. And that is exactly what was happening at the time. I was reliving a lot of old hurts and decided to vomit them into a blog post. I really have moved on from my ex's. All of them. The two that live here don't bother me much; I don't see them. (And they literally live right around the corner from me.) I am worth more now than I thought I was worth back when I was with them. I see it as their loss and my saving grace to not be with them anymor

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