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Please, Make This Heart Ache Go AWAY!

I'm not sure what is going on right now, but for the past few days my heart has been feeling just like when it’s broken. The heartache is relentless and will not go away. It feels as if "something is happening right at this moment and I can't stop it". That is how it felt when Matt left. Maybe I am reliving a bit of trauma?

In Bible Study this morning I could not talk at times because I had to hold back tears. One mother talked about her awesome Mother's Day. I held back tears. Mine was not so great and I really don't know why.

The day went like this:

Oliver was here.
But he woke up at 10am and I had two hours of non-stop crying prior to his waking up. I felt so sad and alone, and I was actually hating the day and wishing it would end soon. He made a nice breakfast, but the things I wanted to do we never did unless I did them. I wanted a fire in the fireplace, so I went to get wood, Oliver did not. I wanted to clean off the dining room table. I did that while…

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