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R E C E N T - M U S I N G S

I’m trying really hard

Tuesday mornings, one of the best days of the week for me... Oliver is at his dad’s, and I can wake up and do my thing without having to worry about getting another human fed, ready and set for where he needs to be for the day.

I am not working currently, so I can casually get my morning coffee, sink into my sofa, open up the laptop and dig in. I can read emails, check out the news, or catch up on texts. I can get started on work before 8 am; it is always nice to get a head-start on the day.

Things are bugging me today, and maybe I am imbibing in a drink of self-pity perhaps. I am spending way too much time donating my time to my son's school. It’s a full-time job that even takes over my weekends. I'm swamped and cannot keep up with the amount of work it entails.

The job market is not thriving and even though I am super talented with a great deal of experience, the process has not produced results yet. I cannot afford to not work, but I cannot afford to take a $15/hour job ei…

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